The new generation of cost estimation software

Sigma is the next generation of cost estimation solutions — cutting-edge progressive and with the same familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office-like environment.It gives you the accurate insight you need to boost project profitability significantly, and it can save 50-85% of your time because you:

  • Understand actual costs and can identify successful projects — while avoiding the bad ones
  • Expose weaknesses and mitigate risks thus avoiding business-critical problems
  • Share and save employee knowledge throughout the company
  • More quickly develop accurate estimates despite limited resources
  • Ensure consistency and compliance thus avoiding mistakes and enforcing company policies and best practices
  • What does my company gain?

    Sigma is used throughout the world by large and small companies every day. Its specialized and configurable templates make it possible for any trade to leverage its strength just like the following professionals:


    - Know as early as possible if your project will turn a profit

    Architects and engineers

    - Reduce the risks associated with project cost-estimation

    Project managers

    - Stay on top of every project phase

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