My name is Artjoms, and currently, I work as a full-time 3D designer at fintech company Revolut, where I'm responsible for the visual communication of the Business Brand.

If you're here, then you might be seeking to boost your brand's visibility, engage with more leads, and reach a wider audience. I can help you achieve your goals through compelling video content.

As a designer and animator who approaches projects with a focus on product development, my expertise lies in crafting customized visual elements that align seamlessly with a brand's identity, whether they are static or dynamic in nature.

My skills extend to 3D modeling, shading, lighting, and animation using tools like Cinema 4D and the Octane/RedShift render engines.

Simultaneously, I'm delving into the realm of VEX within Houdini and applying mathematical principles to my 3D development process.

Feel free to get in touch at artjomszenevics@gmail.com

Looking forward to potential collaborations.