Robosapiens - CRISPR-Cas9

Picture this:

A world where technology and the human body unite, where science saves us from the 'yawn-fest' of biology class. Welcome to the Robosapiens project, where we turned complex topic such as gene editing into a thrilling adventure for all.


The challenge in this project was to convey the complex relationship between technology and the human body. Our client, the Scientific Center of Kuwait, wanted to explore this intersection in the Robosapiens gallery.

Thinking Process

We delved into extensive brainstorming and research to develop a compelling concept. The goal was to explain how technology treats, assists, and enhances the human body. This thinking process involved scripting, storyboarding, and defining the key messages.

Character Design Development:

Our team created unique characters that would serve as visual guides throughout the animated video. The characters had to be relatable, engaging, and clearly represent the human-machine relationship.


We meticulously mapped out the story's progression. This included scene transitions, character interactions, and key visual elements. The storyboard served as the blueprint for the animation.


The animation phase brought our vision to life. This included movement, effects, and scene transitions that conveyed the dynamic world of technology and the human body.


The animated video played a pivotal role in enhancing the Robosapiens gallery's educational value. It engaged visitors and helped them grasp the intricate subject matter. Our animated video became a key attraction in the gallery, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of technology's impact on the human body

Client: Science Museum of Minnesota, The Scientific Center of Kuwait.

Our role: Ideation, concept, storyboarding, design, animation, edit and sound.

Illustrator: Alina Starovoitova

Scriptwriter: JM Kallio

Software: Illustrator, Figma and After Effects