IBM EDGE ENGAGEMENT SERVER – is an HTML5 application which allow users to explore among five different deployment options and then explore the specifications, benefits, and value proposition for each. The FlashSystem V9000 Deployment Options include:

  • Application Accelerator
  • Mixed Workload
  • Small Data Center
  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Virtualized Data Center

In it’s unengaged state, the screen will play an attract loop, encouraging participation and interaction. The loop will encourage the viewer to touch the screen to begin interaction. Once engaged, the interactive will use a combination of animation and text to communicate the core messaging for the product line and encourage participation in configuring the various deployment options.

The change of state from one deployment option to another will be shown as an active animation. Bringing up of various data points like system configuration will be similarly animated. While the basic interaction concept is straightforward, the quality of the animations and graphics will make the experience feel elegant and sophisticated.

Project was developed in a collaboration with Creative Technology Agency Spinifex Group (