RCKSLD Agency Reel


We had the challenge of creating a brand animated video for a RCKSLD web development agency, which needed to effectively communicate their values as well as to celebrate the launch of the new website.

Thinking process:

To begin, we considered the various elements that needed to be included in the video, such as live footage, 3D animation, and web/mobile projects. These elements were not only supposed to showcase the successfully accomplished projects but communicate type of industries such as travel and entertainment. We also brainstormed different ideas and styles for the video that would effectively convey the agency's brand and messaging.

Additionally, we have conducted research on similar videos for inspiration and to identify what worked well and what didn't. We have also consulted with the agency to gain a deeper understanding of their brand and values, as well as their target audience.


Ultimately, our solution was to combine live footage, 3D animation, and web/mobile projects in a way that effectively communicated the agency's values. The sleek and visually appealing style of the video helped us to capture viewers' attention and convey the agency's brand in a memorable way.

By utilising a mix of different elements, we were able to develop brand animated video that conveyed the agency's messaging and helped to establish their brand identity.


Client: RCKSLD

Our role: Ideation, concept, storyboarding, design, animation, edit and sound

Software: Figma and After Effects